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“Excellent service. Ordered 2 bottles of wine at 23:30 in total less than $200, they appeared at my doorstep in 30 mins! “

–Ernest, Hong Kong

“I ordered 4 beer bottles and in less than 20 minutes the delivery guy was at my door! The best delivery guys you’ll find in Shanghai… China maybe! “

–Juan, Shanghai

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Valentine’s Wine & Chocolate Gift Sets Available Now

| News, Shanghai, Suzhou | No Comments

We’ve partnered with our friends at premium chocolatiers Afición to offer a range of curated Valentine’s packages, featuring beautiful gift boxes, luxurious chocolates, and some of our favorite wines. 

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8 Great Pork & Wine Pairings in Shanghai for the Year of the Pig

| Blog, Shanghai, Suzhou | No Comments

Pork is the perfect meat for anyone that’s looking to try out some experimental food pairings – it can pair equally well with red or white wines, if you find the right one. Read on for eight of our favorite porky treats and their ideal wine pairing. Including bacon.

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Who Needs Fine Dining? Eight Tips for Pairing Wine & Junk Food

| Blog, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou | No Comments

At the end of the day, wine is meant for enjoying with whatever you like best. Wine is for the people! So why not think about how we can enjoy it with our guilty pleasures, as well as on our fancy dinner dates?

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Six Crazy Hangover Remedies Used Throughout Ancient History

| Blog, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou | No Comments

Humans have been drinking too much since way before painkillers, burgers, or energy drinks existed to ease the pain. And some of the ways they used to deal with the consequences are pretty mind-blowing.

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CNY Food & Wine Gift Sets Available Now! | 猪年春节美食&葡萄酒礼品套装,现已上市

| News, Shanghai, Suzhou | No Comments

Like any holiday, Chinese New Year is made better with great gifts, delicious food, and truly excellent drinks. Luckily for you, we’ve got all three.

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Here Are Six Ways That You Can Drink Smarter in 2019

| News | No Comments

“Dry January” is a phrase that we often hear around this time of year, when a combination of bright-eyed optimism and lingering guilt over festive overindulgence lead some to give up alcohol for a month or more. But what about those of us who want to be healthier, while still enjoying some of the good stuff?